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About Hydronic Heating

Simply put, Hydronic Heating Systems use water as a vehicle to carry heat around a building. The efficiency, effectiveness and style of hydronic heating has seen is popularity explode across Europe over the last 50 years, and Melbourne is rapidly catching up. The idea is simple and the concept is ancient, dating back to Roman times, but modern developments have meant that hydronic heating has never been as efficient, comfortable or attractive as right now.

Although the concept is simple, there are a number of ways that hydronic heating systems can be used to heat a house. Every installation we perform is as unique as the home it’s warming. From traditionally styled iron panels, in-floor trench systems, slab floor coils, through to ultra modern and stylish panels that become a feature item of your home, it’s important to utilise a system that is going to suit your unique needs. You can read more about the specific types of hydronic heating systems here.

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How does a hydronic
heating system work?
Hydronic heating systems with panels

Hydronic heating systems generally consist of a boiler, a number of panels, and pipes organised in a ‘closed loop’ filled with water. The boiler produces heat, which is transferred to the water. The hot water then moves through the pipes to the panels, where it releases its heat into a room. The cool water then continues through the system back to the boiler where it is reheated. The closed loop means that there is no wasted water in a hydronic heating system; water will generally only need to be topped-up every year or so.

Hydronic floor heating systems

Other methods such as hydronic floor heating don’t require panels, but simply release heat through plastic or metal piping directly into floor.

Major benefits of hydronic heating systems


Hydronic heating systems are one of the most efficient methods of keeping your home warm. Most systems use gas to power the boiler, but solar energy can also be used to further the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your system. Tests have shown significant savings in energy usage when compared to ducted gas or other forced air systems. On top of this, the closed loop system means that there is minimal water usage, with water only needing to be topped-up every year or so.

At Heritage, our hydronic heating systems also utilise advanced zoning technology, meaning that you can efficiently heat only the rooms you required.

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Comfort and Health

Hydronic systems provide more natural, consistent and comfortable heat than a gas or electric efficient forced air system. Because there are no fans blowing air into your home, there isn’t any dust, or dander being blown– the usual cause of asthma and other allergies.


Units from Heritage Hydronic Heating can be perfectly match to any décor or setting – even if that means they are completely invisible!

There are a huge range of modern and traditional panel units to choose from, with many of them being so beautiful that they will become your favourite aesthetic feature of the room.

Or if you feel that perfection comes not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away, our hydronic heating systems can be built into the floor to become completely invisible.

Reasons to choose hydronic heating for your Melbourne home

Hydronic heating is efficient, environmentally conscious, cheap to run, and great for allergy sufferers. Heating water with a boiler or heat pump, a hydronic system then circulates the water through sealed pipes which either attach to radiator panels and tubular radiators, or through pipes for underfloor heating. This radiant heat is highly efficient, and won’t create the dry, particle-laden air that can result from other forms of heating.

You will have the option to add on the additions you want to your hydronic heating. Melbourne homeowners may choose to attach a towel rail rather than a radiator panel in the bathroom, or to customise the system in other ways that better suit their particular needs.

The water in a hydronic system remains in continuous circulation, returning used water to the heating unit for an extremely efficient system that doesn’t waste a drop. To add to the efficiency, you can individually adjust each radiator panel, tubular radiator, towel rail, or flooring zone. Alternatively, you can control the temperature for your home via a central thermostat to create an even temperature throughout.

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About Hydronic Heating
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