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Mini Tech Under Floor Heating

Mini Tech Under Floor Heating
What is Minitec?

The Uponor Minitec system is the ideal hydronic underfloor heating solution for renovation projects. Using a specialised PEX-A pipe measuring only 9.9 x 1.1mm, Minitec can be installed over an existing slab. The pipe work is laid within a thin adhesive sheet and is then covered with a self-levelling compound. Using the Minitec system as your hydronic under floor heating method means the existing floor is raised only by around 15mm (excluding floor coverings).

Hydronic Under-Floor Heating on a Solar Powered System

Minitech is the ideal method of under floor heating when used in conjunction with a Solar Powered system. Electric Heat Pumps do not provide the same heat output as standard gas boilers, and often require larger systems to provide the same heating capabilities. The advantage of a Mintech system is the small pipe work and thin levelling layer, which heats faster than a standard under floor heating system.

Minitec hydronic underfloor heating can be installed on its own or in conjunction with a complete hydronic system utilising radiator panels and/or towel rails.

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    Mini Tech Under Floor Heating

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