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Under Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating
What is Hydronic Under Floor Heating?

Hydronic Under-Floor Heating is the ultimate in luxury. Pipes laid under the floor are heated using water and radiate a comfortable warmth throughout your flooring and room. Under floor heating is the perfect hidden heating solution, and can be installed on its own or as part of a complete hydronic heating system paired with radiators and towel rails.  

How is Hydronic Under Floor Heating Installed?

Slab Heating and In-Screed Heating can only be laid on new builds or renovations when a new slab is being poured. The difference in installation for these methods is that Slab Heating is laid first with the slab being poured over top, and In-Screed is laid over a half slab then screeded over. Minitec and Electric Under Tile Heating can both be installed over existing floors.

What Flooring Works With Hydronic Under Floor Heating?

Understanding the thermal conductivity of your flooring is important when choosing the most important covering for your floor heating system. Vinyl, Hardwood and Floating Floorboards are not recommended.

  • Timber

    Different types of wood flooring have different thermal properties. Engineered Timber board is the most suitable as they are manufactured to have a strong and stable base that won’t react to the temperature changes associated with under floor heating. Installing the wrong timber over your under-floor heating system could result in warping, and it is always best to speak to your flooring manufacturer if you are unsure about it’s suitability.

  • Polished Concrete

    Polished concrete is an ideal finish for your hydronic under floor heating. Concrete’s high thermal mass allows it to directly conduct the heat and transfer it to the rest of the room. If the concrete above the floor piping is too thin this may result in hairline cracks, so at least 70mm is recommended.

  • Carpet

    Carpet can be laid over hydronic under floor heating, however wool, high pile and some underlays act as thermal insulators which block the heat transfer. If the correct carpet and underlay is chosen you can expect the under floor heating to provide a soft and ambient warmth to the room, however the floors will not feel warm to the touch as carpet does not retain heat energy well.

  • Tiles & Stone

    Similar to polished concrete, tiles and stone flooring has high thermal mass and good heat conductivity. Because of this, the thickness of the flooring will not impact directly on the warmth of the room. Tiles and stone can hold heat well for longer periods of time, and will quite quickly transfer the heat from the flooring into the rest of the room.

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