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VRF PUMY Space Saving Systems

Vrf Pumy
What is VRF Air Conditioning?

Mitsubishi Electric VRF PUMY Air Conditioning is a single outdoor unit that can run up to 10 indoor units. With its compact and space saving features, the VRF system is the perfect answer to multi-room applications that are too big for a standard Multi-Head system.

Connect your VRF system to a variety of indoor units including the Residential M Series and Commercial Mr Slim and CITY MULTI series. You can mix and match your indoor units to provide a flexible solution for any space.

The Mini VRF Single Fan PUMY-SP is compact in size and less than 1m in height. This makes for better installation in confined spaces such as balconies. Available in both Single Phase or 3 Phase options, the Mitsubishi VRF has flexible connection points that allow piping to connect from the front, back, bottom or right.

Key Features
  • Super Quiet Mode

    This allows the noise level to be reduced by up to 10dB(A), perfect for night operation.

  • External Static Pressure of 30Pa

    External Static Pressure of 30Pa – An external static pressure of 30Pa makes for more flexible installation locations. The outdoor unit can be installed near louvers and on balconies in high-rises.

Why Choose Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi Electric utilises start of the art technology to offer quite, simple to use and reliable air conditioning systems. Every Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner is placed on a testing rig and undergoes stringent testing before leaving the factory. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a 5 year manufacturer parts and labour warranty.

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    VRF PUMY Space Saving Systems

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