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Multi Head Systems With Possible Combinations

Multi Head Systems With Possible Combinations

A Mitstubishi Multi Head reverse cycle air conditioning system is the ideal way to heat or cool multiple rooms in your home. Connect 2-8 indoor heads to a single outdoor compressor and enjoy the versatility of mixing and matching your indoor units for each room’s individual aesthetic requirements.

What units can connect to a Multi Head system?
  • Wall Mounted Units

    Choose from Mitsubishi Electric's range of stylish indoor heads including the LN, EF, AP or GE series. Mix and match different styles or colours for each room.

  • Floor Console

    Short on wall space? The Mitsubishi Electric MFXZ-KW series mounts at floor level, connected to the wall. Easily inserted into renovated fireplaces and old heater cavities.

  • Ductless Bulkheads

    The most architectural option, the SEZ-M Compact Bulkhead unit can be cleverly concealed above cabinetry or in decorative bulkheads and topped with a custom boutique bar grille. The compact design means minimal space is required and is ideal even for buildings with lower ceiling heights.

A Multi Split System is perfect for any home. Select from multiple indoor models, with the option to have different models in each space. Each unit can be controlled separately, allowing rooms to be set at different temperatures and air flows. All indoor units can connect to a single outdoor unit which provides optimal space saving and noise reduction. The clever Silent Mode feature on Mitsubishi Electric split systems also means each unit can operate while keeping the outdoor unit noise levels to a minimum.

As your circumstances change, so can your air conditioning. Are you are considering heating and cooling only a couple of rooms now, but might want to add on more rooms later? Choose a Multi Head compressor with the capacity for extra rooms, and easily connect new indoor heads to your existing system later. This means you can service your living room and master bedroom now, and later when your study turns into a nursery you can add that extra indoor unit for a fraction of the cost compared to installing a single stand alone unit.

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    Multi Head Systems With Possible Combinations

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