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In-Screed Heating

Screed Heating
What is In-Screed Heating?

Screed Heating is a highly efficient and responsive method of under floor hydronic heating. It is installed within Pipe Positioning Boards on a partially laid slab, and then screeded over. In-Screed Heating can only be installed in new builds, or with renovations where a new slab is being laid.

In-Screed Heating is more efficient than Slab Heating, as the radiant heat emitted from the pipework travels only through the screed and reduces the amount of heat lost to the bottom of the slab or the earth below. The smaller thermal mass of the screed results in lower running costs and is ideal for long term cost savings.

Pipe Positioning Boards

Hydronic In-Screed Heating is laid within Pipe Positioning Boards. The insulated boards are laid over the partially poured slab and the hydronic piping is secured within. This allows for smooth and orderly installation when laying radiant circuits and helps avoid the formation of air pockets in the screed.

In-Screed hydronic underfloor heating can be installed on its own or in conjunction with a complete hydronic system utilising radiator panels and/or towel rails.

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